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Allow me to give a bit of history on Archer's Revel and in particular the
one this year.

In years past (I can't remember when we started doing them, any one??),
Archer's Revel has been hosted and paid for by my lady HL Darcy and I (the
event NEVER broke even) with the sponsorship of the Shire of Middleford so
that scores shot would count for score.  In years past the price of the
event per person depended on how many IKCAC and IKAC scores they sent or
ranges they helped with.  It could cost as much as $15.00 per person for a
weekend of food to as little as FREE.  The purpose of the event was, and is,
two fold: 1) a thank you to those through out the season who either
submitted scores or helped with the ranges, 2) a last big push for scores
before the end of the season (in the past many of the scores that made a
difference came at this time).  Because of rising costs and other
considerations, a regular fee would have to have been charged.

However, fairly early in the year we thought that Emerald Keep, due to
scheduling things, was going to have their Hunter's Moon on the traditional
date of Archer's Revel (Thanksgiving Weekend).  Darcy and I, and the Shire
of Middleford has had a longstanding friendship with the Shire of Emerald
Keep. Additionally, a number of good folks from Dragonsfire Tor, Lady
Simmone and her most able crew of event folks were autocrating the event.
Since we are so close, both geographically (about 60 miles from Waco) and in
spirit, it decided to combine the two events.

Well,  the scheduling thing happened again and the Event ended up on the
weekend before Thanksgiving.  Plans were already in the works , so we just
continued with them.  Which turns out to be pretty cool, it leaves
Thanksgiving weekend free for just shooting.  Thanksgiving weekend we will
be still shooting at Camp Finlayson.  There won't be all the cooking, but
there will be a bottomless stew pot.

Any way at Hunter's Moon / Archer's Revel there will be plenty of archery.
The prize as previously stated and on the web page is an English Longbow
(yep a real English Longbow from England).   However, due to certain mundane
situations, that being most of the marshals in Middleford will either be
cooking or are in the military and may not be able to be there, I will need
help with marshalling the ranges.  I don't think, however, having a marshal
will be a problem. :)

As for why not at Archer's Revel, there have been good reasons already
given.   Other reasons include: it's only a local calendar event, it's not a
well attended event, and perhaps the biggest one, no one has ever asked to
do it there.

It would be nice if, as with the Rapier communities, there was a line or two
in Kingdom law requiring the Royal Huntsman Shoot to be within a specified
period after Crown.  But that's just me.

Shoot more arrows.  You're bound to hit something.
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> just curious..
> why isn't the Royal Huntsman tourney going to be held at the Archer's
> ??
> http://emerald-keep.ansteorra.org/huntersmoon/
> it was postponed from Three Kings (which I think was a good decision) but
> rescheduled for Steppes 12th night? I was under the impression that this
> a big indoor holiday party. where to shoot?
> ~Rose
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