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From: "Bob Dewart" <gilli at hot.rr.com>
> As for why not at Archer's Revel, there have been good reasons already
> given.   Other reasons include: it's only a local calendar event, it's not
> well attended event, and perhaps the biggest one, no one has ever asked to
> do it there.

This brings up a point that has been covered here before.  If your group is
having an event in June, July, or August or during December, January, or
February, PLEASE consider offering to host the Royal Huntsman Tournament if
your event and site will allow it.  It would be wonderful if immediately
following crown tournament the heirs could be presented with a list of
options available to them for the tournament.  The months listed above give
the heirs time to choose the venue and hopefully time to get it in the Black
Star (the first of each of the three listed months it will be hard to get in
the Black Star but is doable if the heirs make an immediate decision).

The tournament is not yet big enough to carry an event on it's on but it can
certainly be a good addition or other events and could potentially really
help a smaller event.  For now, it is in the hands of the archery community.
We are going to have to stand ready with offers to host the event.

> It would be nice if, as with the Rapier communities, there was a line or
> in Kingdom law requiring the Royal Huntsman Shoot to be within a specified
> period after Crown.  But that's just me.

I agree.  The only champions event that has it's date mentioned in law is
Queens Champion.  Perhaps when the tournament grows large enough to support
an event all on it's own we will get the same treatment.  I thought that the
Royal Huntsman was to be  listed in this most recent printing of law but it
was not.  We will try again.


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> Gilli
> Shoot more arrows.  You're bound to hit something.
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> > just curious..
> >
> > why isn't the Royal Huntsman tourney going to be held at the Archer's
> Revel
> > ??
> > http://emerald-keep.ansteorra.org/huntersmoon/
> >
> > it was postponed from Three Kings (which I think was a good decision)
> > rescheduled for Steppes 12th night? I was under the impression that this
> was
> > a big indoor holiday party. where to shoot?
> >
> > ~Rose
> >
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