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Greetings Baron Ulsted and Lady Vivaine,

I am copying the Ansteorra Archery and Missile lists since this question comes up every so often.

H.E Ulsted is correct there have been quality problems from Gene Bolton with their "generic" fiberglass rod.  They buy their generic rod in large lots wherever they can get it cheap and the quality varies.  Last year we had several incidents of the rod breaking. Their current stuff is very whippy when it breaks it doesn't break safely.

We also had an incident with rod purchased from MSC Industrial Supply that was shattering when being fired against the wall to seat Baldar Blunts.

For these reasons we are recommending that archers not buy any type of "generic" rod and instead buy only Brand Name fiberglass rod.

The preferred fiberglass rod and probably the best you can buy is the"Extren 500" brand of rod produced by the Strongwell Corporation.

OK,  here is the skinny on 0.25" Extren Rod.

1.  Many warehouses don't stock the small rod as a standard product.  Usually they just carry the larger shapes or have Strongwell Corp drop directly to the customer.

2.  Strongwell does keep the rod in stock at their main facility.  They usually have a couple of thousand 20-foot long pieces in stock.  Their stock safety level is 750 pieces and if they fall below that they will pultrude some more.

3.  Anyone can call the Strongwell Corp Sales Dept at 276-645-8000 and get the name of vendors close to them.  When I call there I have spoken with Gina and I have explained the whole SCA and arrow shaft thing so she understands what and why we are looking for the material.  She also handles the account for I.M Pena here in Houston so we have a common friend here.

4.  The Strongwell Corp will dropship on behalf of their authorized resellers.  They will also cut to 10 foot, 5 foot, or 4 foot for shipping purposes at no charge.  At 5 foot you don't get any oversized charges from people like UPS.  If they have to cut to smaller lengths or unusual lengths then there is a "fabrication" charge.

5.  Strongwell has a $750 minimum order from their distributors. However, most distributors already have purchase orders open with the company and they can just call up and get extra tacked on to it or submit it with their next order.

6.  Vendors for TX and OK are.

Austin               Professional Plastics     512-833-9955
Austin               Ryan Herco                512-835-1770
Dallas               Ryerson                   214-637-4710
Dallas               McNichols                 214-349-3160
Houston              I.M. Pena                 281-442-8381
Pasadena(Houston)    Vee Industrial            713-472-5071

Oklahoma City        Cope Plastics             405-528-5697
Tulsa                Industrial Corrosion      918-493-2352
Tulsa                Ryerson                   918-428-3841

I know SCA folks have done business and have been happy with Professional Plastics in Austin and IM Pena in Houston.

7. Extren rod where ever you find it will be good rod.  Don't be afraid to ask any other vendor you find if they carry "Extren" fiberglass rod from Strongwell Corp.  Expect to pay between 27 cents and 36 cents a foot.

Another brand of rod that is of acceptable quality is rod from Maclean-Fogg.  The only source that I know of is Sir Erika and NorthStar Archery  http://www.northstararchery.com  The price at NorthStar is $1 per 28" arrow shaft.


Lord Eadric Anstapa
Kingdom Archery Marshal, Ansteorra
eadric at scabrewer.com


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