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David Ruff dmruff1 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 27 18:56:25 PST 2002

Yeah - i found that i was looking at the east rules
that do allow a open or peep at the front and rear of
the crossbow. Now i am seeing how they are so accurate
lol. Thank you for the clarification :)


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> From: "David Ruff" <dmruff1 at yahoo.com>
> >
> > Altho - now it has me thinking what i could do if
> i
> > had sights on the crossbow. Not sure if i am
> reading
> > the rules right - but my read is i am allowed a
> fixed
> > front and a peep rear in open XB.
> Nope  you are reading them wrong.
> For Open Crossbow per the IKAC rules say:
> "Sights are allowed as specified in the SCA rules."
> The SCA target archery rules specify:
> "5.   Simple rear sights are allowed.  Front sights
> are not allowed."
> So no front sites at all and only a "simple" rear
> site are allowed on any
> crossbow at any SCA target archery function.  A
> "simple" rear site is
> usually defined as being a non-adjustable peep,
> dovetail, or post.  If you
> have anything more you should be prepared to show
> your research and the
> appropriate documentation.  Basically if you have
> anything other than a
> simple fixed peep, dovetail, or post rear site you
> gotta convince the
> marshal in charge that it qualifies as a "simple"
> site.
> For  Period Crossbows the IKAC rules say that period
> crossbows:
>      "may not have sights."
> So if you plan on using the same crossbow in the
> period division make sure
> you can take any rear sites that you have off the
> crossbow.
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