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From: "David Ruff" <dmruff1 at yahoo.com>
> Altho - now it has me thinking what i could do if i
> had sights on the crossbow. Not sure if i am reading
> the rules right - but my read is i am allowed a fixed
> front and a peep rear in open XB.

Nope  you are reading them wrong.

For Open Crossbow per the IKAC rules say:

"Sights are allowed as specified in the SCA rules."

The SCA target archery rules specify:

"5.   Simple rear sights are allowed.  Front sights are not allowed."

So no front sites at all and only a "simple" rear site are allowed on any
crossbow at any SCA target archery function.  A "simple" rear site is
usually defined as being a non-adjustable peep, dovetail, or post.  If you
have anything more you should be prepared to show your research and the
appropriate documentation.  Basically if you have anything other than a
simple fixed peep, dovetail, or post rear site you gotta convince the
marshal in charge that it qualifies as a "simple" site.

For  Period Crossbows the IKAC rules say that period crossbows:

     "may not have sights."

So if you plan on using the same crossbow in the period division make sure
you can take any rear sites that you have off the crossbow.


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