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David Ruff dmruff1 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 1 05:13:50 PDT 2003

In fact,

We had one bow on sight that pulled 70# and would be
able to fire an arrow 200+ yards if the archer had a
bad pull and misfired it into the air. I purposely did
not allow the use of a 90# long bow which is the
starting pull for a traditional medieval longbow as we
had afew horses cross the downrange line and a bow
like that as we know from our history was able to
travel 200 to 250 yards+ and nail a person at that
distance with lethal force. All it takes is a arrow to
glace off the top of a target butt and it can take a
bounce upwards ***OR*** of to the side with
considerable speed. 

Sir alexis was VERY pleasurable to talk with and
helped the archery relocate to a area where we had
good range and sight lines. I agree however the
concern for having to walk several hundred yards in
heat when a horse can travel that distance in seconds
with not nearly the impact as a human will take. 

There is a happy medium i am sure, and we as arachers
and equestrian followers just need to find it and help


--- Susan Hill <sueorintx at hotmail.com> wrote:
> My Lord,
> As one of the marshals in training on the field that
> day, I must say that we 
> were quite concerned about the equestrians being so
> close. Sir Alexis 
> approved the location of our Line, though I may have
> placed it a few yards 
> further away, myself. As to the safe distance,
> within a few minutes of you 
> and your lady riding in our safe zone, we had a
> sudden death shoot between 
> two archers. Their shots were aimed at a stake in
> the ground with a flag on 
> it some 150 yards away from the archer's line. Both
> of them overshot that 
> mark by more than thirty yards, I know because I was
> the marshall that 
> located both arrows and declared the winner.
> Some of our archers use bows that are 50 lbs or
> more. These and crossbows 
> can shoot several hundred yards. My advice when
> riding at the Canton site 
> when archery and equestrian are competing at the
> same time...go across the 
> road and ride. Our saftey zone will extend to the
> road at a 45 degree angle 
> from the firing line, and continue towards the
> highway for a considerable 
> distance. I would hate to see events put into an
> either/or situation for 
> archery and equestrian activities at events, but
> unless we learn to 
> cooperate and communicate better, it is a
> possibility.
> Thank you for your input.
> Lady Linet Grey
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> Hello, all!
> I have what is mostly an archery field setup
> question, but it affects 
> equestrian participants as well.
> In the rules as posted in 
> specifically about the safety zone, it says, "There
> shall be a safety zone 
> behind and to the sides of the shooting line and
> targets. It shall be of 
> reasonable size to prevent injury to bystanders." It
> goes on to suggest 
> occasions when the distance can be shortened, but it
> avoids (purposely, I 
> suspect) any mention of a specific distance.
> Understandably, different bows, arrows and of
> course, archers, all have 
> different combinations of effective and maximum
> ranges, but what would be 
> considered a reasonable distance, particularly for
> the way the archery field 
> is usually set up at the Canton First Monday Trade
> Days site? I ask because 
> I was one of the horseback riders that were
> occasionally behind the targets. 
> When we were riding down there, we were well beyond
> what *I* would consider 
> to be a reasonably safe distance. I'm not very keen
> on endangering myself; 
> I'm certainly not going to endanger my lady or our
> horses. I think we were 
> not the only offenders, but I understand that the
> list was held until the 
> riders crossed the road.
> As an archer and a horseman, I want us all to get
> along. Equestrian and 
> archery both require a lot of space and have special
> safety considerations, 
> but are sometimes viewed as a fringe activities by
> those who do neither. I 
> want to protect them both. Furthermore, there is
> interest in the equestrian 
> community in mounted archery, so our paths must
> surely cross sometime. :)
> I have cross posted this to both the Ansteorra
> Archery and the Ansteorra 
> Equestrian lists...
> Sluggy!
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