[Ansteorra-archery] Archery/Equestrian field setup

Harry Bilings humble_archer at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 1 17:35:43 PDT 2003

You do not need a 70 plus # bow to shoot 200 yds. Don't know what my 
crossbow will shoot don't feel like losing a bolt to not find out. Where the 
horses in range when in the out back yes could we have hit them by trying 
probably not could we have warned them about an impending incoming NO way in 
hell. So calling hold on the archery range was the right thing to do.
One thought on how to rearrange the fields is to move the equestrian closer 
to the main field and put the archery a little farther out. If it is to hot 
we can drive while the horses have to walk no matter what. We as the 
supposed more intelligent must look out for the horses.


humble archer
Ravens Fort Ansteorra

>In fact,
>We had one bow on sight that pulled 70# and would be
>able to fire an arrow 200+ yards if the archer had a
>bad pull and misfired it into the air. I purposely did
>not allow the use of a 90# long bow which is the
>starting pull for a traditional medieval longbow as we
>had afew horses cross the downrange line and a bow
>like that as we know from our history was able to
>travel 200 to 250 yards+ and nail a person at that
>distance with lethal force. All it takes is a arrow to
>glace off the top of a target butt and it can take a
>bounce upwards ***OR*** of to the side with
>considerable speed.
>Sir alexis was VERY pleasurable to talk with and
>helped the archery relocate to a area where we had
>good range and sight lines. I agree however the
>concern for having to walk several hundred yards in
>heat when a horse can travel that distance in seconds
>with not nearly the impact as a human will take.
>There is a happy medium i am sure, and we as arachers
>and equestrian followers just need to find it and help

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