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  I'm trying to get a feel for what's being used in different areas. Can you reply back with:

  1. Your name    Lady Marguerite du Bois

  2. Kingdom    Ansteorra

  3. How long have you been a combat archer?    2 1/2 years

  4. What type of missiles do you use?     Fiberglass arrows, UHMW head, Asgard APD's

  5. Do you use a bow or crossbow?    Bow

  6. What is the poundage?     30 lbs. at 28 inches

  7. Are you authorized in any other weapons forms?    Heavy and Rapier

  8. Are you a light or heavy archer?    Heavy archer

  Thanks very much. If you can answer this for other archers that you know, please send me that information as well. Please forward this to other archers that you know.


  Tessa the Huntress, Deputy Society Marshal for Combat Archery
  tessathehuntress at earthlink.net


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