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Eadric Anstapa eadric at scabrewer.com
Mon Aug 23 12:08:57 PDT 2004

jim hodek <j_hodek at yahoo.com> said:
> This is not concerning the orginal message, but gives me a chance 
> to contact you. I have been told that one or two of the Email 
> addresses that you have, are not working for some who have tried 
> to contact you and I know you are on this one.

Well let me addrsss this first.  The proper way to contact the
Kingdom Archery Marshal of Ansteorra via email is at
archery_marshal at ansteorra.org.  I am not aware of there ever being
any problems with that email address (other than perhaps an
occasional and brief service interruption).  If you can send email
to any other ansteorra.org email address you should be able to send
to that email address.

As far as personal email addresses are concerned... In essence I am
my own ISP have  have my own servers for personal use.  My persnal
email addresses do have very aggressive SPAM filters in place and I
have a pretty conservative email server.  If your ISP has their mail
server configured improperly (as were the elfsea.net and
ansteorra.net email servers that Timothy had setup) the my mail
servers may simply refuse to converse with those improperly
configured mail servers.  The only other problems that I am aware of
are occasioanl and brief service interruptions as bad weather or
some accident has disabled the network linkages to my servers.

Now on to your question...   

> My SCA name is Gunnarr haukr and we met at the Academy of the Bow 
> and discusses authorizing for combat archery. Lord Pedrog 
> Sylverbyrd and myself fro Eldern Hills in the northern region are 
> wanting to get authorized on combat archery with bow.

I remember you both.  I believe from the last TWO Academy of the Bows.

> We have talked to HE Ulf and he has no problem with us authorizing 
> from another marshall

In general I let my Regional Deputies handle the authorizattions for
all MARSHALS in their region.  They will have to continue to
converse and get reports out of those marshals so I think the
Regional Marshals and any local and at-large marshals in the region
need to have good lines of communication and understanding.

However, participant authorizations are a difefrent matter.  You
dont have to go to your regional marshal for participant
authorizations.  Any Missile Combat Authorizing Marshal can
authorize you as a participant regadless of where the two of you
actually reside within the kingdom.

> and we will both be attending Gothic War. We were wondering if you 
> would consider either authorizing us there, or possibly assigning 
> a marshall to check us out and authorize us. 

Gothic is probably the best upcoming opportunity for CA
authorizations.  I will be there and there should be several other
MC Authorizaing Marshals there as well as experienced archers to
help evaluate you.   If you wish to authorize at that event do the

1.  Bring all your CA gear.  Be prepared to go over it in detail
with the authorizing marshal explaining, how it is constructed, how
it should be inspected, what is and what is not legal.

2.  Be prepared to spend some time discussing Missile Combat in
basically what ammounts to a verbal quiz assuring that you know the
rules and that when you come up againts something that you are
unsure of that you take the safest possible course fo action.

3.  Be prepared to spend some good time on the field in battle
working as a Combat Archer under the guidance of an experienced
combat archer and the watchful gaze of the authorizing marshals.

If after we have done all of the above there are no problems then we
should be able to get you authorized.

Hope to see you at Gothic,

HL Eadric Anstapa
eadric at scabrewer.com

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