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I believe it should be left up to a combination of the parents and the
marshal in charge.  Some people deal well with children and are willing
to work with even younger children, while some are uncomfortable around
them.  Also, some parents would rather supervise their children
If it gets included in official rules, then there is no room for some of
our extremely knowledgeable and well-behaved younger archers to shoot
even at practice if their parents are busy.  
However, it should ALWAYS be up to the marshal in charge to have the
right to ask anyone to remove themselves from the area if they are being
disruptive and/or disobeying the safety rules.
This is just my opinion,
HL Annabelle Fitzsimmons

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	There are not any hard and fast written rules on this since it
is not a "combat" activity.  Each branch can be as strict as they like,
each marshal in charge of a range can be as strict on his range as he
feels  is appropriate.
	In general down here we require the
parent/guardian/designated-adult to be with the child while they are at
the range.
	Should it be left up to the marshal in charge?  
	Or should the next set of Ansteorran Target Archery rules say
something about it?
	HL Eadric Anstapa
	eadric at scabrewer.com <mailto:eadric at scabrewer.com> 

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