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Well said Lyneya
Personally i always thought it was REQUIRED to have a parent or guardian present on the shooting line or within direct eye shot of the minor when shooting. I know having taught childrens archery in the sca and out, AND running birthday parties at the archery proshop years ago i felt better having extra eyes there. 
During the many good things that happen when a child shoots, and if something bad happens - i MUCH rather have the parent there rather then have to explain it. Hurt child = hysterical parent. 
Susan Hill <sueorintx at hotmail.com> wrote:
If there is any doubt, then we should be waiting for a ruling from the 
Kingdom Archery Marshal, Master Pug, or the Earl Marshal, Duke Patrick 
Micheal. So far all I have seen is..".if it was me", or "in my opinions" for 
answers. I thought that there had been some discussion recently about 
requiring a parent or notorized representative thereof for every minor at an 
activity where there is potential for physical injury. Now, Archery isn't 
classified as a combat activity, but we do mess with a lot of pointy sharp 
things. I would be a lot more comfortable requiring a parent or person 
authorized with all the right paperwork, that has the ok to get medical 
treatment for a kid if, God forbid, something should happen. It doesn't even 
have to be something archery related at the site for medical care to be 
needed. I don't want to have to hope that someone has a cell phone and is 
present, and that someone else know's mom or dad's exact whereabouts, and 
someone knows the kid's medical history, etc.

Having worked as an EMT and emergency room nurse, I know full well the 
danger and frustration of not being able to treat a child completely without 
having a parent or someone with the authority to approve treatment in the 
case of an emergency. I don't want to have to chase all over a site, or out 
in the mundane world electronically for that approval.

As far as the notorized forms...yes a new one must be done for every event. 
A hassle, but necessary.

If I was going to be the authorized party on those forms, I would make sure 
that I had the following information in addition to the parent's contact 
info., or that the minor had it with him in written form: Doctor's name and 
phone number, allergies, any health conditions, and significant previous 
medical history. There's an awful lot more to consider when becoming 
'guardian' for a day, than just taking the kid to the activity.


Lyneya de Grey
Arcarius to Jaque the Spink

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does the notarized page have to be for each separate event or can the same 
one be used indefinitely??

Vivian McKinnon
Deputy Archery Marshall
Shire of Loch Ruadh
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