[Ansteorra-archery] Thought i would share :)

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The Crossbow looks sweet! Sorry I can't be there this weekend at Lughnasad
to see it in use.


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NOT an infomercial..... thought i would share what i have been upto lately

Have been tinkering around and started building a bow. I always wanted to
see a crossbow built and pictured in stages - so i built one. For me this
bow has been a calling for years, finally today i got to fire it after about
65 hours to this stage. The link is mid build but is the good stuff :) there
is option at the bottom of the page to goto the next page.


The crossbow is getting a 350lb prod i am forging and just have not
completed yet, but i did test it with a 100# and a 275# today. The bow is
rock solid and best i can tell and from research VERY close to weigh,
balance and feel of a mounted crossbowmans weapon. I have the foot sturrip
and strap but did not get to finish that yet.

The goats foot, inlay and heavy prod will be installed sometime in the near
future. The goal was a period bow :)

Will end up doing the brass inlay and polishing later so forgive the rough

For those interested the build starts here


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