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> I agree with JP here.  It is for the branch to decide how they wish to be
best represented by
> their champions.  If they have a list of ten qualifiers to compete, that's
their choice.
> Likewise, we have a choice in what competitions we wish to compete in.
> We also have the freedom to play the game the way we choose, so long as we
adhere to the
> requirements we encounter along the way.  If you believe you should only
be one group's champion
> at a time - fine.  If you see no harm in holding multiple titles - fine.
You will always find
> someone who disagrees with you if you look hard enough.  As long as you
don't try to force me to
> play your game, we'll get a long just fine. :)
> I have the following philosophy on the subject:  I will hold any number of
non-baronial level
> championship, that I am fortunate enough to win, without issue.  If I hold
a baronial level title,
> I will consult the B&Bs of the baronies in question before I enter into
another baronial
> competition in which I am competing to win.  For example, I am currently
the Titled Bard of the
> Barony of Loch Soilleir.  I competed in Steppes Bardic, but had no
intention of winning, so I did
> not consult with the B&Bs of the Loch and Steppes.  In December, I will
compete in Stargate Bardic
> and since I would like to win that one, I will consult with the B&Bs of
both groups to make sure
> they are agreeable to my holding both titles if I am so fortunate.
Granted, the Loch and Stargate
> are very close neighbors, and currently share several champions, it is
still a point of courtesy
> on my part to consult with them.
> In service,
> Alden Drake
> --- Paul Thorne <paulthorne at earthlink.net> wrote:
> >     Well, without getting buried in all the various beliefs and feelings
mentioned, here is what
> > I see as the crux of the situation;
> >
> >     Regardless of the verbiage, traditions, or anything else, if you are
not able to uphold the
> > position of Champion as dictated by the groups policy then do not
compete.  It is the groups
> > right to hold their Champion to certain restrictions, it is their
Champion after all.  If you
> > don't like their policy, show them by voting with your feet and don't
compete.  By competing in
> > their championship you are accepting their terms for their Champion.  If
you falsely accept
> > their terms and do not fulfill those obligations then your honor will
bear the burden.
> >
> > Jean-Paul
> >
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