[Ansteorra-archery] the future??

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Thanks Robert.

I have been waiting to say exactly what you have written.  I will wait a 
little longer before responding in hope that your suggestion will bring 
positive responses.

As always, in service.
Fergus d'Onray

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> Fellow archers,
>  Been following along on this topic, and thought I'd toss in my rather
> devalued two cents. If everybody wants their champion to be a local person 
> (not
> convinced at this point that's the case) then what's the problem? Hold a 
> "Locals
> Only" tournament at a non-calendar event or archery practice to choose 
> your
> "Champion". Keep the real tournaments really competitve, e.g. "may the 
> best
> archer win".
>  Best of both worlds, you get your champion, and other archers remain
> motivated to attend calendar events and compete to the best of their 
> abilities.
> Honor, chivalry, loyalty, and fealty aside, if you aren't shooting to win, 
> then
> what's the point of shooting at all?
> Cheers,
> Robert of Yorkshire
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