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The RR rules do not specifically disallow the changing of bow/crossbow 
midround, but I would not allow it either. I suppose this is something we 
may want to address in future rules revisions.

Keeper of the Royal Rounds

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>I have not read the "rules" lately but I doubt that you can change 
>"bow/crossbows" in the middle of a round. I know that I would not allow it.
>humble archer
>Ravens Fort Ansteorra
>   Just tested a fiberglass composite prod that i made..... Has 13" 
>powerstroke with a 3" brace. 16 total inches from back of prod to teeth.
>   Wanna talk about some SPEED coming off the tiller.... MAN!!!!!!! blows 
>my 121lb competition bow out of the water.
>   Is pulling 130# at 13" draw, 3" brace and is 30" tip to tip.... 1690 
>in/lbs. Whats better is i have put a modern trigger system into the 
>medieval stock complete with safety and auto catch teeth. No resetting the 
>roller. This order was extremely weird, but the guy said trust him... i can 
>see why.... This is one going out east heheh. It shoots flat and i mean 
>FLAT out past 40 yards.
>   Makes me wonder what would happen if while shooting an open round royal 
>in speed round a 50lb pull at 13" draw 3" brace -  using light bolts made 
>for speed and flat shooting would do.... Cocking it one handed with the 
>auto reset catch in it would be a dream. Building another trigger system to 
>try that one out. As far as i can see there is no rules to changing bows 
>mid royal round - one bow for flat out accuracy and range and another for 
>pure speed. To fun.....
>   Ulrich
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