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Some time in the past. I think Sir Jon was still society archery marshal we discussed using different arrows for the different ranges. IIRC it was decided that you had to use just one set of arrows. I guess it has never been written down about just using bow/crossbow because no one has tried to use a different one at each range.
Personally I was in favor of allowing different arrows for each range so long as all arrows were in the quiver at all time with no dividers in the quiver (mix them all together).
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  I would have guessed that to be the case. I have not seen it written anywhere but i imagine its like the "rules" allowed shooting in any postion - but sitting and kneeling isn't allowed. Altho - changing bows i can honestly see a REAL advantage in that. Especially for those that roll there own. 

  Have to understand - i build about 5 to 10 of these things a month - there are ones that catch my eye, combos that are insane etc... 

  To be silly tho - i can't imagine our forefathers actually made things to make the task at hand easier and more precise. Thats just out of the box thinking hehehehehe. <--- being silly.... :)

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