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Greetings to all archers.

On the subject of archery champions - apparently most comments and opinions have been offered.

I noticed that most contributors agree that there are different expectations of the champions:  local archery champions and event tournament champions.  That difference appears to be the main subject.

As Ulrich pointed out - event tournament champions must 'shoot to win'.  Local loyalty or honor is not a part of actual shooting.  Competitors are expected to act honorably and respectful, but that does not win event tournaments.  Skill does!

Eadric pointed out - local  archery champions must satisfy the barony's/shire's policies and expectations; including honor, chivalry, loyalty, etc., attending local events, helping at practices, and of course, service to the baron or nobles as requested.  Obviously skill is required to win, but more is required after the competition.  Perhaps the additional requirements should also be part of the awarding of local championships (1/2 tournament, 1/2 service, etc.).

As jsspinks pointed out - perhaps there is some way the eventholders could let all competitors know which type of event it will be and what will be expected of the champions.

Until then, Lord Alden's suggestion to consult with the nobles may be the only alternative.  Several archers trying to contact a local noble that will make a decision regarding an archery competition may prove to be difficult.  But, for now that may be our only option.

I am in that position now.  I am the current archery champion for the Shire of Gates Edge.  I am also the current archery champion of the Barony of Bryn Gwlad.

Once I realized what may be expected of local champions I stopped competing out of town.  That is a shame. I am missing a great deal, and the local barony's and shires could end up with closed tournaments.  The way it is now, we are discouraging out of town competitors - intentionally or unintentionally. 

As a member of Bryn Gwlad of whom I have pledged loyalty, I have been able to participate in local events, feasts, archery practices and local tournaments.   I have been able to be of service to Baron Thomas - in other words - perform the duties of a local Titled Champion.

I have not been able to provide those same services or perform the duties of the local archery champion for the Shire of Gates Edge.  And that is not right - it is not fair to the members of the shire.  Fortunately Gates Edge has a real strong archery program and they did not need me.  That is not true for many other barony's or shire's.

I have only been in the SCA a little over two years so I was not aware of what may be expected of me as the local Titled Champion.   However,  bowing out or quitting a tournament would never have been an option to me -   in my opinion that would be an insult to all other competitors in the tournament. If you are going to shoot, shoot to win or do not compete.  Anything less would only discredit archery within the SCA.  Again - that is my opinion.

SCA archery is very unique.  I would like to see all archers make sure we preserve that uniqueness.  I can attest to that uniqueness (I am 69 and retired.  I have only been shooting for 3 years, but I have the time to participate in several competitions);  I shoot SCA tournaments, Senior Olympics, and various 3-D tournaments.  I also teach basic archery and hold classes about the history of archery.  Believe me - SCA archery is different from all the others, and very special.  

Having said that, I hope we would not allow archery tournaments to become closed to out of town visitors - intentionally or unintentionally.  Mundane gas prices will hurt us enough as it is.

Perhaps you have come up with a solution.  Separate the two archery championships:  local champion and event champion.  Let all competitors know which kind of competition it is, and what will be expected of the champion.

Would separating local archery championships from event archery championships help?  I have not researched it, but it would seem logical that's the way it would have been done in period.  Local champions take on all visiting challengers.

As Robert suggested, hold local competitions for local champions and event tournaments for tournament champions.

Lady Lyneya de Grey is this something the Kingdom (and Pug) would help with?

Thank you for allowing me to comment.  And again I apologize to the members of Gates Edge for not being able to serve them better as their archery champion, but perhaps some good will come of it.

As always, in service.

Fergus d'Onray
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