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On a personal note: Robert – as for beating you with your own bow, I will need a little more time to practice (20 to 30 years should do it), I will let you know.


Eadric. You are right! Separating local championships from tournament championships may have the same effect as closing the competition to outsiders, including outsiders that may want to compete for the local championship. Just what we are trying to avoid.

The answer may be in communication not in separation. Hold different types of competitions, just make sure the requirements are communicated to ALL competitors – before the tournament – what type of archery tournaments will be held; what champions will be selected; and what is expected of the champions.

The problem then becomes simply who will make those decisions and who will get the information to all competitors.

EVENT STEWARD? Archery Tournament Director?

Obviously if experienced archery tournament directors are available, like at Gates Edge, the event steward just leaves all the details to them.

But, if an experienced archery director is not available, the event steward or an inexperienced director must decide how to select their archery champion.

Do you think it would be of any help if there was a paper or web page available that showed how other baronies and shires select their archery champions?

HL Eadric Anstapa and Lord Thomas Quilliam presented an idea. They wrote how the Shire of Gates Edge and the Barony of Wieseenfeuer handle their competitions and select their local archery champions. Making that information available to others may help. 

I have never been an event steward so I cannot write such a paper or web page. I can and will offer to edit a paper or web page, publish it and keep it up to date if you people will submit the writings.


Event stewards and/or archery tournament directors may wish to consider the following options when setting up an archery competition at their events.

  1.. Will a local archery champion be decided?

  2.. What types of competitions are possible?

  3.. How can the required information be given to all competitors?

  4.. How much space is available?

  5.. Is a certified archery marshal locally available?

  6.. What equipment is available?

Other questions and examples of what other baronies/shires do for each question would be posted. 

References to SCA and kingdom archery web pages would also be posted.

Again, the purpose of such information would be to help eliminate any confusion on what archery champions will be decided, and what is expected of the champion.

Is this of any interest? Or, is this just much to do about nothing?


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