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Tue Aug 1 05:39:24 PDT 2006

Lyneya de Grey said something that sounded like:
> Congratulations Don Cristoforo! I cannot think of a better choice to wear 
> the white bracer, but I will admit to being somewhat disheartened and 
> confused as to why your your elevation was made at an event where there were

> virtually no archers present other than those who are also light fighters as

> yourself. Sir Lasguaard and I were at Queens until shortly before Court 
> began, it seems. As archers, we would have been pleased to stay through 
> court if we had had any knowledge that an elevation was to have been made. 
> You Don Cristoforo, the Order of the Arc d'Or, and the archery community 
> deserved more respect than was shown on Saturday, in my humble opinion.

Good Morning,

  I have to admit that I am a bit disheartened by your message. Unfortunately
it is a trend and not an isolated incident.

  The Crown does not, and should not, let people know when they are going to
give out an award. It is up to them when and *if* they given an award. This is
because awards are supposed to be a token of their esteem *and* a surprise. If
someone is told about a high ranking or unique award being given, it is likely
that most of the people at the event will know - including the recipient.

  For example, there were many Laurels who could not make my elevation because
they didn't know about it - many who did know about it found out only a few
days before and couldn't change their travel plans. The only reason some
people were told beforehand was because there were plans needed for the vigil
and who was speaking for me. Was I upset by people not being there? Hell no! I
was glad to be surprised by it and the fact that it was kept a secret as well
as it was. I was amazed that they actually kept it from me, but IMNSHO that
was only because we didn't go to any events between the decision and my

  I have said, and I think more people should start teaching, that if you want
to see your friends get awards, you need to stay for court. Why? Because that
is what Peers and Nobles do. Even if you are not one today, these are the
ideals our Society strives for. If you are at an event and leave, it is your
own fault that you didn't get to cheer when they get called up to get the
recognition they need from the Crown and the populace. If lots of people
leave, it then lessens the award for the recipient possibly to being worthless
when no one is there to cheer for them. This is true for our friends as well
as those we haven't even met yet.

  I will now step down from my soap box.

Master Phelim Gervase called Pug, OP, OL, etc
All around pain

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