[Ansteorra-archery] Thought i'd share - goatsfoot Xbow 380/450lb est

David Ruff davidsbox01 at yahoo.com
Mon May 8 10:29:26 PDT 2006

  Have attached links to the pictures of the crossbow as it finishes up. This bow was a joint effort. The prod currently on it is a custom Alchem prod that pulls 550/650 at 8" draw. This bow is pulling 6.5" so i am guessing the pull to be around 380 to 450 lbs. I do know i have nothing in my back yard to stop the bolts. It was tested on a breastplate and it was not a pretty sight for the plate. 
  The bow itself is finishing up. I am adding little things to it and will take it back apart and final finish the stock. Total hours invested is about 72 hours at this writing.
  The bow has been a HUGE hit at Scarbourgh as i am working the fair this year with Wildwolf forge doing crossbow demos, working a small xbow demo with the birds of prey and the parade. 
  Will bring it out to warlord to carry but i doubt very seriously this one will fire there. If anything i have a new found respect for the big bows firing bodkins. 
  Note on the bow:
  Hippo and mastadon ivory
  gemsbok horn
  brass and steel
  Madagascar ebony top
  Leopard wood bottom
  All parts in this bow (except the current prod) were built by me or i had a direct hand in the building. I am currently building a 450lb prod at 6.5" as the prod on this bow is going on a windlass bow i am mid way thru building. 
  The goatsfoot is 1/4" steel and seems to be around a 4:1 lever. The bow is not hard to cock - but WOW you know your cocking something. The goatsfoot is going to be reworked or rebuilt as i am not happy with the way the string is about 1/2" above the roller at full span. 
  In firing the bow is pretty stable - it has a nice push and makes some noise letting you know something just happen. No idea on the bolt speed, but i guess it to be around 170fps. When the bolt strikes - it strikes with atthority. It is kinda neat when a bolt shatters on contact, spraying the target with splinters and the head of the bolt makes a nice hole. 
  Anyways, hope you enjoy :)

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