[Ansteorra-archery] Feast Crossbow & Table Top Siege Competition at Steppes 12th night:

William Black Dragon hlironwyrm at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jan 5 09:54:45 PST 2007

Greetings all!  

Just a quick reminder House Arkham plans to sponsor
what is becoming an annual activity during our
Steppes' 12th Night celebration, the "Feast
Crossbow & Table Top Siege Competition"!
This is a contest which appeals to the child within
each of us at all ages and if you have yet to
attend this most entertaining little contest you
have really missed one of the gems of our Steppes'
12th Night activities!  

So please plan to come and join us for this
extremely enjoyable and fun little feast weaponry
The contest is currently planed to start at 3PM. 
Sign up shall begin around two-thirty or as soon as
our "List Babe(s)" volunteers deem sign up is ready
to open.
The competition is open to all small hand held or
table top devises constructed for the purpose of
hurling small bits of food stuffs (marshmallows,
grapes, cheese cubes, veggies, peanuts, etc.) which
can met the following conditions:  
 1) All devises must be declared within one of two
categories: "Hand held" - those meant to be fired
while held in the hand (so called "baby", "feast",
or "mini" crossbows). Or "Table top" - those meant
to be fired while sitting on a flat surface (so
called "baby, "feast", or "mini" trebuchet,
ballisita, or catapult)!
 2) All feast devises must fit within a sixteen
inch feast platter (or circle) to be allowed to
 3) All string & prod powered feast devises
(crossbows and some ballisita) may not exceed a
draw of ten pounds!
 4) All devises must be capable of firing grapes as
ammo.  All ammo (grapes only) will be supplied by
the contest sponsors.  No other projectiles will be


 - All competitors twelve years of age or under
must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian!

 - All spectators must remain behind safety ropes
during the competition!

 - All contestants must compete in the competition
using one "feast weapon" entry only!

 - All contestants must demonstrate to the
attending marshals that their "feast devise" is
safe, in good working order, and they can operate
it in a safe & sane manner! 
 - All contestants must lesson for their names to
be called, absent contestants will be rotated to
the end of the list once and only once!  Should a
contestant be declared absent a second time when
their name is called they will be stricken from the
competitors list!
 - All contestants shall be allowed to pick twelve
grapes, six for ranging & practice shots, and six
for scoring shots.  Any grapes which fly to pieces
upon firing do count as shots, so pick your grape
shot wisely!

 - All contestants must remain seated at the firing
line's table while competing (no standing allowed),
all mini-siege engines must remain upon the table
while firing (no hand held siege engines allowed).

 - Maximum target distance will be limited to 15
 - The competitor with the highest recorded score
at the completion of the list shall be declared the
winner of the contest!  
We're looking forward to having a splattering good
time and a lot of laughs again during this year's
contest!  Please take note, plastic sheeting or a
good washable cloak might be advisable!
HL William Black Dragon (called "Ironwyrm")  
Official supervising "Feast Weaponry" Marshal  
PS:  Almost forgot, (shameless plugs coming) should
you wish to compete but not have time to make your
own baby crossbow both "Iron Angel Forge" and
"Peanut Bows" make and sell the preferred types for
about $25 (cheaper than I could make one myself). 
You can check out their web sites at:


Shipping runs about five dollars so you're looking
at about $30 - $35 total. Iron Angel Forge does not
accept credit cards so if interested you will have
to send a check or money order.

Please note - I do apologize for the late post, I
have have been without a working computer for about
two months.  We pray that problem has been


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