[Ansteorra-archery] Many Thanks re: Defenders of the Rose!

Deanna della Penna estencele at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 18:35:55 PST 2007

I'd like to thank all the archers who came out and competed! I was very
happy with the spectrum of participants, ranging from newcomers to the
archery range, to very experienced and talented members of the archery
community. :o)

Many thanks to Lord Bastian, who was our local liaison; to Mistress
Michelle, who agreed to run the list; to Stargate, which let us borrow their
archery butts for the weekend; and to everyone else who pitched in to help
make the tournament go so well. :o)

Special thanks to our Defender, Leofwine, whose good advice, energy, and
experience helped make the tournament so fun! He found the perfect image for
our targets, and came up with the Clay Pigeon idea... as well as the penalty
targets, which helped make this extra-fun. :o) I was a little nervous about
having people choose their own terms, but his good advice prevailed, and the
tournament was much the richer for it! I hope to see that format duplicated
in the future--- the variety of different formats helped keep things fresh
and exciting for both the participants and the spectators.

Don Dore and Don Iago shot splendidly! It was really great to see the
crossover. :o) And I also very much admired Plachoya's skill--- it was a
great opportunity to be able to put faces to the names I already knew. :o)
Everyone was very entertaining to watch, and Pug carried the day with great
skill and accuracy. :o)

Duchess Julia, Duchess Cateau, Duchess Britta, Duchess Sareid, Countess
Sibri, and Duchess Valeria will forgive the archers who cruelly wounded
them... eventually, I'm sure, upon receipt of the proper penances. ;o) And
you may count yourselves lucky that nothing amiss happened to Countess
Octavia, Countess Tessa,  Duchess Willow, or any of the other marvelous
ladies who were hiding behind the other pigeons! :o)

The tournament was so much fun, I look forward to getting my target points
in good working order sometime, and getting to know the archers of Ansteorra
better. :o)

Take care,
-Countess Deanna

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