[Ansteorra-archery] Royal Huntsman Thank You!!!

Lawrence huntsmanlance at cox.net
Sun Dec 7 20:17:12 PST 2008

Actually those were the archers from Namron who "accidently" shot the Kings
forbidden deer.....you can all just call us Wolfshead from now on! : )


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uummm, aahhh , ld.laurence , did you perhaps forget to mention that 3 of
those deer were actually wiesenfeuer's deer ?? and were shot after the king
very clearly decreed that no more deer were to be killed ?? only rabbits ??
8' )~~  
yes , a very big thank you to h.l. ironwyrm for masterminding such an evil
set of shoots , as well as for bringing them to us in the frozen north ; )
congratulations to both you and his excellency michel mac donnchaid !!!!!
this means that you must now continue doing everything you were already
doing = ) , as well as finding new ways to help the archery comunity
continue to grow ; )
while i'm sure that his excellency will do a great job as royal huntsman ,
he will also probably contine to do as he has always done , and make it look
easy as he does it !! = )
also one last big thank you !! 
to all the archers that attended and shot in the royal huntsman tourney !!
archery can not , and will not continue to grow without your help and
support , at practices, at events and especially at archery specific events
such as the royal huntsman tourney .
keep up the good work, good luck in the future , and again , thank you !!!
be safe, be happy, have fun

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I can not express my gratitude for the award I received. I was completely
taken by surprise and I thank one and all of my friends who put in a good
word for me!!!

The event was a pleasure to attend! Thank you H.L. Ironwrym for putting on
such a good tournament. Congratulation to H.E. Michel for his victory! I am
sure you will serve their Majesties and our Kingdom well!

A special thank you to Their Majesties for taking the time to attend the
tournament...and for presenting me with the award. 

I apologize that I couldn't stay and attend Court...but someone had to skin
and clean all of the Kings Deer that was taken by the archers of Namron!   ;

Yours In Service, 

Laurence of the Greenwood 


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