[Ansteorra-archery] Gulf Wars XVII Schedule (2008) -- Combat Archery Schedule

Eadric Anstapa eadric at scabrewer.com
Wed Mar 5 22:03:58 PST 2008

Here are the CA happenings at war as posted on the Gulf Wars web site.  
I have no idea where or when CA equipment inspections will take place.

  Gulf Wars XVII Schedule (2008)
  Combat Archery Schedule


    Tuesday, March 11

*Start Time* 	*End Time* 	*Activity* 	*Location*
11:00 AM
	12:00 PM
	Armored Fort Battle with CA 
3:00 PM
	5:00 PM
	Rapier Fort Battle with CA

    Wednesday, March 12

*Start Time* 	*End Time* 	*Activity* 	*Location*
12:30 PM
	2:30 PM
	Combat Archery Friendship Battle 

    Thursday, March 13

*Start Time* 	*End Time* 	*Activity* 	*Location*
10:00 AM 	12:00 PM 	Ravine Battle  *WAR POINT* 	Ravine
2:00 PM 	3:00 PM 	Combat Archery Only Battle  *WAR POINT
* 	Ravine

    Friday, March 14

*Start Time* 	*End Time* 	*Activity* 	*Location*
11:00 AM 	1:00 PM 	Open Field Battles  *WAR POINT
* 	Hastings Field

    Saturday, March 15

*Start Time* 	*End Time* 	*Activity* 	*Location*
11:00 AM 	2:00 PM 	Fort Battles  *WAR POINT
* 	Hastings Field and Fort

    Sunday, March 16

*War is over

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