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THAT is what I'm talking about!  Data!  Thank you Eadric.  Now we can make
some really interesting decisions and conclusions, such as...with 61 bows,
how did we only field 15 at the Archer Ravine Battle?

I personally know of at least 4 fighters who had bows but fought in the
bridge battle anyway, and three of them were knights (actually one was the

So yeah, it certainly seems to come down to part-time archers and making a
fighter choose what battle to fight in.  Given the choice between the
"archer-only" battle, and the bridge battle, the king and the duke (who is
one of the best spearmen in the SCA) are going to pick the bridge
battle...I'm guessing...every time.  That isn't true of all knights;), I'll
take the bow before rattan in a melee every time.  

How to solve that is harder.  His Highness was made aware of the problem
from last year.  He pointed out that the schedule is FILLED with
simultaneous war-point scenarios that force folks to choose, such as
fencing, archery, and equestrian.  He said they literally CAN'T de-conflict
every war-point scenario.

BUT....we can at least make a deliberate choice as to who does what, which
was not done last year.  There was no discussion, and every individual
fighter simply did what they felt like doing.  Centurion Caladin's approach
will be to make the deliberate choices, and possibly even to assign people
to fight in a scenario they may not have chosen, for the good of the
kingdom.  THAT is what was missing last time.

Boy I talk a lot.  OK, shutting up now:).


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Eric Brown wrote:
> We in recent years have come to gulf with fewer Archers than Trimaris,

Before we say that we need to look at the data to make sure we 
understand what is really going on.  The data does not support such a 

For instance, looking at last years data:

Ansteorra had  61 Bows inspected and 3368 pieces of Ammo
Trimaris    had 43 Bows inspected and  3129 pieces of Ammo

So I don't think that there is data to say that in recent years we have 
come to the war with fewer archers than Trimaris.  We should have been 
able to field nearly half again as many archers as Trimaris.   Perhaps 
our archers just didn't show up for all the battles where they were 
needed and those from Trimaris did.  Perhaps more of our archers are 
part-time archers and were often wielding some other weapon and perhaps 
Trimaris has more dedicated archers.

What the data does show is that Ansteorra archers on average only came 
with about 55 pieces of Ammo per bow while the archers from Trimaris 
came with on average about 73 pieces of ammo per bow.  So in general the 
Trimarian archers were better equipped and individually were going to be 
able to shoot more and have to conserve less and have the needed ammo to 
be able to pour on the shots when needed.



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