[Ansteorra-archery] Archery Discussion

Marlin and Amanda Stout ldcharles at sbcglobal.net
Thu Oct 2 15:39:18 PDT 2008

Eadric Anstapa wrote:
> Allies and what they will actually bring to the battles is 
> complicated  and it has been my experience often we don't really know 
> until the battles start.
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Which is one thing we have in common with most feudal armies: we just 
don't know what all the other bits are bringing until we get to the field.

And I'm familiar with most of the issues you describe. My point was 
simply that we can't say what the relative archer strengths of the two 
armies are unless we examine all their parts, not just the fighters from 
Ansteorra and Trimaris alone.

Is it an easy question to answer? Certainly not. But if we want to 
really compare what the relative archer strengths are, we need to think 
about that. That's all I'm saying.


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