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And I brought over 700 arrows

 EMAILING FOR THE GREATER GOODJoin me> Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2008 16:48:07 -0500> From: ldcharles at sbcglobal.net> To: ansteorra-archery at lists.ansteorra.org> Subject: Re: [Ansteorra-archery] Archery Discussion> > Ken Theriot wrote:> > -----Original Message-----> > From: Eadric Anstapa [mailto:eadric at scabrewer.com] > > > > Before we say that we need to look at the data to make sure we > > understand what is really going on. The data does not support such a > > statement.> >> > For instance, looking at last years data:> >> > Ansteorra had 61 Bows inspected and 3368 pieces of Ammo> > Trimaris had 43 Bows inspected and 3129 pieces of Ammo> > > > But the data does not include the whole of the situation, either. > Suppose I had come to the war, and brought 2 crossbows, my own and a > 'spare'. That would count as two bows in your data, but would not > necessarily equate to two archers on the field. I could simply be > bringing the second bow in case mine (or someone else's) breaks down on > the field.> > Not to say your data's bad, or even that it's not a valid starting > point, since their people are as likely to get spares inspected as we > are. Just that it's not definitive.> > Second, what are the numbers for the two sides, not just our two > Kingdoms? I'd be interested to know if they have more 'archer friendly' > allies than we do.> > Just a couple of thoughts.> > Charles> BG> _______________________________________________> Ansteorra-archery mailing list> Ansteorra-archery at lists.ansteorra.org> http://lists.ansteorra.org/listinfo.cgi/ansteorra-archery-ansteorra.org
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