[Ansteorra-archery] The arrow tax

Ulf Gunnarsson ulfie at cox.net
Mon Oct 6 23:56:07 PDT 2008

As a reminder, this list is *not* for the discussion of controversial
modern world politics.  It's about archery here in Ansteorra.

So I won't go into my personal opinions of last week's economic bailout.
Catch me sometime off-list; I'll fill your ear.

The thing about it that is pertinent to us archers is: 43 cents.

Tucked into the new plan was something to fix the problems that hit us
in 2004 when a flat 43 cent tax was added to each arrow shaft.  It looks
like that is getting lifted or set back to a percentage (I haven't found
out which yet).


I didn't notice a change yet in Rose City's prices, but this could mean
lighter weight arrows are going to be affordable again.  Rose City's
sales have dropped to a tenth of what they were four years ago.

I would be interested in hearing any details of the exact change and
when it will take effect.  We have several archers who shoot 30# bows or

Various organizations have dropped their archery programs due to the
increased prices.  Namron has children shooters and I know we are not
alone.  Now would be a good time, in my opinion, for groups to step in
to that gap and pull in those kids that would have been shooting if
their scout group still had archery.  This isn't about the recruiting
potential; it's because we all know the good that learning archery does
for children, the focus and safety they learn, the social skills they
pick up.

Master Ulf Gunnarsson
... trying to set aside that 45# recurve for the 32# longbow ...

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