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Wed Oct 8 16:45:44 PDT 2008

Did you get your K&Co board problem figured out? I think they are having to
manually approve new accounts lately due to the volume of spammers that try
to register. Give me your username and I'll make sure that Wes looks at it.

On Wed, Oct 8, 2008 at 2:55 PM, D Barr <dab32 at cwru.edu> wrote:

> Please forgive me if this makes it to the list multiple times.  I do not
> understand how the email program can choose to start "ignoring
> non-text/plain MIME parts" in the middle of a plain text sentence.
> Trying again. :/
> I am looking at the (tentative) activities schedule on the BAM website
> and noticing that it makes very little mention of archery activities,
> and no mention of equestrian activities at all.  I realize that it is
> still six weeks away, and that there is a lot of planning still to be
> done, but I am wondering what activities are being considered for
> these two areas?  Does anyone know?  As much as I want to go to BAM, I
> have something else that weekend that I cannot reschedule, so
> something has to give.  The equestrian and archery activities may be
> the determining factor. :/
> Thanks. :)
> --Debbie,
> (in Stargate)
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