[Ansteorra-archery] Royal Round changes after Protectorate

Ulf Gunnarsson ulfie at cox.net
Fri Oct 17 00:46:18 PDT 2008

Now that the scores have posted, here are the Royal Round changes after

Karl Thorgeirsson finally got a score from a second group's shoots.  He
placed as a Forester in Period Crossbow with a 71.3 score. [Red tassel
with green knot]

Karl also finally placed in Open Crossbow, also in the Forester rank
with a score of 78.3 [Red tassel, red knot]

Robin of Northkeep went up a point to 80.7 in the Open Handbow division.
[Red tassel, blue knot]

Zorya Prazan of Mooneschadowe also got her score at a second group's
shoot in Open Handbow with an average of 31, just behind Karl
Thorgeirsson score of 32.7, ranking both of them as Bowmen in this
division. [Black tassel, blue knot]

There were a number of shooters.  These were simply the ones whose
averages or ranking have changed due to Protectorate.  For some, it was
their first Royal Round shoot.  Others may not have three scores yet or
a score from a second group's shoots.  To see the scores, go to:


Under "General Info" is "Name Search".  If you have shot in a RR in the
past year, you should be able to find your information there, even if
you are not ranked.

Or take a look at the "Current List" in a category.  The Barony of
Namron and the Canton of Skorragarðr currently have nearly half the
listings of ranked archers.  Ja-ja.

Namron's Archery Marshal

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