[Ansteorra-archery] Namron Royal Round from Oct 19 2008

Lawrence huntsmanlance at cox.net
Tue Oct 21 23:30:21 PDT 2008

Well the scores are on the board now! Whether that is a good thing or not :
)  We had several people do very well indeed..the most notable are
Margherita de Mantua who shot her best score to date! She almost went over
into the Yeoman list! Well done and soon you will have a new tassel!!!!  The
other was Maeganbjorn Bogveigir who Tripled his score from his previous
Royal Round! Vivat Maeganbjorn!!! He just needs an away score to get him on
the list!!!

Several others have improved so much that they are very, very close to
jumping up into the next rank. I am sure it wont be to long before they will
need new tassels! (Looks like we will need to hurry up and have that tassel
building get together soon!)

We had a total of 14 archers who participated this time but many others who
were out there shooting that couldn't stay for the shoot. With this many
archers showing up each Sunday it certainly is exciting and everyone has a
great time!!!

The new target butts were used for the first time this Sunday. A special
Thanks to those who worked together to get our Barony these! I wont name
names..you know who you are!!! Besides being great targets, they have a true
period appearance, and will certainly last for a long time to come!!! 

Vivat Namron!!!

Lawrence of Namron

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