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Period Royal Roundsgreetings 

actually no, your not the only persons shooting a period bow .

you may be the only person shooting a period bow with period arrows , and desiring to shoot a period royal round .
all your gear has to be period, and you have to inform the marshal that you need to be scored as period.

a lot of people have been buying the cheap wooden bows , because they look period , and they are less than any other bow  except the blatantly modern fiberglass , they are in some places easier to find than the fiberglass as well.
however , following the money , a lot of those same people go buy under 35 # arrows ( also called childs arrows ) pre-made for less than $2.00 ea. instead of materials to make period arrows , which can be almost  twice as much.

my partly finished l.b. shoots like ka-ka , and so i don't shoot it , and don't have time to work on it , so it hangs on the wall .
i have said in the past , and will say again, that i really want to eventually have all four tassels , but  right now, i have no crossbow, 
( it s being repaired , and since its being repaired on anothers time ,and for free , i have no idea when the individual will have enough free time to get it done. ) so for now  , 2 pieces of unusable equipment  , keep me from getting 4 tassels ; )

so , technicly , your not alone .... , just lonely ; )

be safe, be happy, have fun

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  Hi all, am I truly the only person who is shooting a period bow? Or is it that the people who do shoot period only have a score that is over a year old..or arent being reported?



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