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As i recall, five years ago it was decided that all scores for 25th year, regardless of who was hosting the archery, were considered 'away' scores. Thanks for taking care of this, Eadric, and thanks Katya and Lorenzo for doing the archery at the event.


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I am going to make one tiny edit to the scores.

Since Katya is from the steppes when she submitted  the scores the hosting group was listed as the Steppes.

But of course this was a Kingdom event and not one sponsored by the any particular group  or any particularly multi-group.

The system scores were entered as being shot in the Steppes that means that Steppes archers will not get credit for shooting at a non-Steppes event.

There was only a single score submitted from a Steppes archer.  I am going to edit that one score  and list the hosting group as Namron since Vincenti was technically running things at the time.  That way the archer will get credit for shooting at an event not hosted by the Steppes.   It's just easier for me to edit the single score than for me to edit all of them.

So if Mervyn Longstaff  sees a score listed from him as being shot in Namron that is why.  The event will still be listed as  Ansteorran 30th year.



Karen Calhoun wrote: 

I have submitted scores from 30th year... They should pop up in the next couple of days (hope I didn't open another can of worms...).
I have one mystery that I'm hoping someone can solve.  I have "Maginfred Uhfric" on the score sheet but not on the archer signup page.  If you are this person or know this person, please contact me.  I need to know if the above is spelled correctly, real name, and group.
Let me know if you have any questions.
HLy Katya

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