[Ansteorra-archery] my apologies to the archery community

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i'm sorry, i tried to hold out and get through the event, but from the start 
up they have just gotten progressivly worse.
the 2 final straws were when they sent me ( 7 weeks before the event ) 3 new 
shoots , and told me i needed to shorten or remove the current shoots, in 
order to insert 3 new shoots from namron.
then they ordered me to change the shoots and schedules, to fit their idea 
of perfect .
any reasoning i may have had was irrelivant since it didn't agree with what 
they wanted .
its been nothing but bicker and fight , with no one but me doing any work on 
the event untill after 30th year was over , now , they want to change 
everything .
when i got the e-mail ordering me to do as i was told , it took me 2 hrs to 
go to sleep, and i've had to run to the bathroom  every half hour or so , so 
i know my stress level and blood pressure are both up too high.
at this point it is better that i have nothing to do with the event , and 
stay away from anyone in the namron whiners group.
right now there is such a bad taste left in my mouth from the way they have 
handled all this, i'm not sure i would even be welcome at the event
it would do the archery community no good to blow up at them, which could 
very well happen if i go to the event and they make one rude comment.
seems everyone involved in this outside the namron whiners themselves wants 
to know why they keep trying to screw everyone not in their group  and the 
theyve tried to tell the tavern ocrat what to serve , and when to serve it , 
they have finaly gotten rid of me so that they can run the marshalate 
activities as they see fit.

besides, they already had a replacement chosen for me , the official web 
page says marshal in charge, then shows both myself and vincenti , even 
though he was supposedly only my deputy, he kept wanting me to dicuss my 
descisions with him , so that " we could agree  on which shoots to use for 
the event."

anyway , sorry to bother you , i know you can't control them .
im just venting right now , sorry again : (

Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun
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> Arthur,
> I'm extremely saddened to hear this, and I hope that you will regain your 
> health soon.
> You will be missed,
> Annabelle and Aonghas
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> greetings
> it is with sad heart that i must apologize to the archers of ansteorra .
> due to health issues brought on by excessive stress,
> ( sorry, i'll not go into the causes on a public list )
> i will be unable to be the marshal in charge of grand assembly of archers 
> , or even attend the event.
> g.a.a. being  the archery only event being held soon in the northern 
> region.
> please go , have fun , enjoy the good tavern : )
> Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun
> Arthur
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