[Ansteorra-archery] Grand Assembly of Archers

Ulf Gunnarsson ulfie at cox.net
Tue Jul 28 05:27:42 PDT 2009

There is some good kindling here for a flame war. But it's been a hot
summer and I don't think anyone wants extra fires.

There are good archers and there are good people who are archers.  We
are blessed up here with a lot of the latter who are striving to also be
the former.

Many of them got together and decided we really should have an event
that was just shooting.  Shooting all day long at everything that you
can stick an arrow or bolt in; shooting until you have to hold your mug
with both hands that night because your fingers are so sore.  If the
fighters get to fight all day at their events there's no reason we can't
shoot all day at ours.

So the young and enthusiastic came to the old and cranky (waves hand)
and teamed up to create this event. We're still not sure exactly what it
is, but we know that it will mostly be defined by the people who show up
the first year.

So come on out September 11-13th (yeah, that's 9-11 weekend, but the
tallest thing near us is a Ferris wheel). As you go through the event,
if you have suggestions pass them on.  When it's over, take a moment to
think about your experience and send us a note about what you liked best
or ideas for the next year.

This year I can say there will be food and camping, drumming and bardic
in the evenings, and a really nice traditional bow donated by a non-SCA
bowyer specifically for this event.

It's a month and a half from now.  We'll see ya.

Master Ulf

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