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The vambrace or bracer as worn by an archer has a different purpose than it does for other weapons disciplines. In others, the bracer protects agains knife cuts or sword slashes from the opponent, with archers it protects the archer from his/her own equipment.

The laces are fine, but archers will usually turn the bracer around so that the smooth face is where the string will hit on the arm, if it hits at all. This way the string does not get impeded or hung up and the arm where it hits will not be smacked, nor will the inner arm be injured if an arrow should break while being fired, etc. It isn't as pretty, but it is more functional, worn 'backwards'.


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I am new to this type of re-enacting and have a archery question.  Would you please look at the attached photo and tell me if the archer is using his bowarm bracer correctly.  Would laces in be ok?  I would really like to portray a archer, well maybe an old archer(54yrs).  I want my garb to look half way decent.
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