[Ansteorra-archery] Three Queens Target Archery

Donnchadh Beag mac Griogair donnchadh at cornelius.norman.ok.us
Thu Oct 1 08:24:34 PDT 2009

Any idea if there will be a chance for Royal Rounds after the 
championship shoot?  I need to get some scores in and I'm always missing 
practice because of events.


Susan McMahill wrote:
> Greetings!
> I was asked recently by a beginning archer if there would be any 
> archery other than the tournament at Three Queens, as this archer 
> didn't feel ready for competition, but wanted to shoot again....the 
> bug has bitten!!!
> This was my reply:
> Three Queens is a great opportunity for you to shoot. The format for 
> this tournament is totally different, making it fun for people of all 
> levels/abilities. The tournament...just look at it as a unique form of 
> practice, is done as a sort of shoot at your own pace thing. There 
> will be various target stations at varying distances. Each archer will 
> pick up a score sheet when they sign in and will get a quick rundown 
> on scoring, the number or arrows used at each target, etc. Then they 
> will go to the line and shoot the targets in any order they choose and 
> at their leisure. So long as you have started the shoot by 2 p.m. and 
> are finished by 2:30, you can take your time, go have lunch, come back 
> and finish, or just hang out with the rest of us watching everyone 
> else shoot. You don't really shoot against anyone other than yourself. 
> You keep your own score and turn your score sheet in when you are 
> finished.
> I or my marshals will total your score and determine the top three 
> scores who will shoot in the final champion round. If one or more of 
> those three are not present on the range at 3, we will choose the next 
> highest scorer on down the line until we have three who will be chosen 
> by the Queens as their champions and will shoot in the final three 
> rounds. It will be fun to watch, I guarantee.
> Bring your gear, something to drink, a chair to sit in, and be ready 
> to have some fun. I promise you will have a good time!
> Lyneya de Grey
> Target Archery MIC
> Three Queens
> One caution....There will not be any loaner gear available. You must 
> bring your own gear or borrow it from someone in order to shoot. If 
> you don't have fun, it will be your own fault!!!
> See you in Hawkins!
> Lyneya
> Well-behaved women Seldom make history - Laurel Thatcher Ulrich
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