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A lot will depend on how much time there is after the finals before court. I wasn't planning on running royals, but if enough people are interested and there is someone willing to mind the range, we may be able to work something out.



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Any idea if there will be a chance for Royal Rounds after the championship shoot?  I need to get some scores in and I'm always missing practice because of events.


Susan McMahill wrote: 

I was asked recently by a beginning archer if there would be any archery other than the tournament at Three Queens, as this archer didn't feel ready for competition, but wanted to shoot again....the bug has bitten!!!
This was my reply:
Three Queens is a great opportunity for you to shoot. The format for this tournament is totally different, making it fun for people of all levels/abilities. The tournament...just look at it as a unique form of practice, is done as a sort of shoot at your own pace thing. There will be various target stations at varying distances. Each archer will pick up a score sheet when they sign in and will get a quick rundown on scoring, the number or arrows used at each target, etc. Then they will go to the line and shoot the targets in any order they choose and at their leisure. So long as you have started the shoot by 2 p.m. and are finished by 2:30, you can take your time, go have lunch, come back and finish, or just hang out with the rest of us watching everyone else shoot. You don't really shoot against anyone other than yourself. You keep your own score and turn your score sheet in when you are finished. 
I or my marshals will total your score and determine the top three scores who will shoot in the final champion round. If one or more of those three are not present on the range at 3, we will choose the next highest scorer on down the line until we have three who will be chosen by the Queens as their champions and will shoot in the final three rounds. It will be fun to watch, I guarantee.
Bring your gear, something to drink, a chair to sit in, and be ready to have some fun. I promise you will have a good time!
Lyneya de Grey
Target Archery MIC
Three Queens
One caution....There will not be any loaner gear available. You must bring your own gear or borrow it from someone in order to shoot. If you don't have fun, it will be your own fault!!!
See you in Hawkins!

Well-behaved women Seldom make history - Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

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