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John iaenmor at swbell.net
Sun Aug 29 20:20:38 PDT 2010

Master Iolo should be reachable at http://www.crossbows.net/contactinfo.php

http://shop.argentlupus.com/main.sc is about the only other online 
sales.  However they don't carry the light UHMW heads we use in this 

I have dealt with both Argent Lupus and North Star and have had no 
problems with either.  Prefer North Star myself. 

Yes, half gauntlets on both hands is allowed.  Just remember if they are 
leather they must have padding.

Iaen Mor

Phelippe Descors wrote:
> Greetings,
> I'm returning to the SCA after about a 5 year break and am looking 
> into getting into combat archery.  I have read through the armor regs 
> pertaining to combat archery but I was wondering about hand 
> protection.  When I left, the rules were that your string hand could 
> have a half gauntlet while your bow hand needed to be a full 
> gauntlet.  From what I'm reading in the current rules archers only 
> need to have half gauntlets, am I reading this right?  If this is 
> right then I know that I will have to have basket hilts on my backup 
> weapons but that's not a problem for me.
> Also, where would the best place to get arrow materials from?  I have 
> stumbled across Northstar Archery but that's about all I've found.  
> Recommendations would be much appreciated.
> Last thing, is there a way I could get in touch with Master Iolo?
> Thanks all,
> Phelippe Descors
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