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Phelippe Descors fray.phelippe at gmail.com
Sun Aug 29 17:44:28 PDT 2010


I'm returning to the SCA after about a 5 year break and am looking into
getting into combat archery.  I have read through the armor regs pertaining
to combat archery but I was wondering about hand protection.  When I left,
the rules were that your string hand could have a half gauntlet while your
bow hand needed to be a full gauntlet.  From what I'm reading in the current
rules archers only need to have half gauntlets, am I reading this right?  If
this is right then I know that I will have to have basket hilts on my backup
weapons but that's not a problem for me.

Also, where would the best place to get arrow materials from?  I have
stumbled across Northstar Archery but that's about all I've found.
Recommendations would be much appreciated.

Last thing, is there a way I could get in touch with Master Iolo?

Thanks all,

Phelippe Descors
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