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Linseed oil is very slow drying, but once it is dry it is quite flexible and will generally not crack as would a shellac finish. It does yellow with age. Thin layers with drying time between produces the best results. I would use a fine steel wool pad between layers and possibly as a application pad for a satin finish. 
However, why are you considering using it? Most polyurethane finishes can duplicate the appearance and will hold up without the yellowing effect and will have minimum wear. 
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Good morning!
I have some questions about bow refinishing.  I've got three bows (2 oak longbows and 1 single wood longbow) that I need to finish.  I've heard conflicting opinions about linseed oil, so I'm not sure what to use on them before I put the polyurethane.  I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions and tips for me, I've finished some arrows but never the bows, and if there's anything I need to watch out for when I'm doing. Thank you for your time.
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