[Ansteorra-archery] Strapping tape question.

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FYI:  Here is the rule from the Ansteorra Complete Participant's Handbook (Rev. Aug. 2008):

Section 11 - Appendices
VII. Missile Combat Appendix
General Requirements:
j. The shaft of the arrow shall be spirally or longitudinally wrapped with
plastic tape, such as electrical tape, Mylar, or strapping tape, totally
covering the surface from the front of the fletching to the tip of the shaft.
The tape should be strong enough so that if the shaft should break, it will
still be held together.

Note: To go longitudinally around a 1/4 inch fiberglass shaft, you will need 1" wide tape.  Most readily available electrical tape is 3/4" wide, and thus, will not make it around the shaft in one go.  Also, I think it goes without saying, when choosing a tape color for your shafts, stay away from yellows, as these are reserved for siege projectiles.

Ronald fitz Robert

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Subject: [Ansteorra-archery] Strapping tape question.
I was informed that we do not need to use any strapping tape on our fiberglass bolts or arrows for combat. Is this correct? Just getting g some clarification before we ruin all our shafts.


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