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Greetings Archers of Ansteorra,
I respectfully agree with you on many points, Arthur, and would like to offer an additional perspective.  (I beg everyone's forgiveness if I misspeak, as I am still quite new to the game.)
I believe the title says much about what should be expected of the winner, although it appears the current interpretation of the position may have evolved into something else.  What is/was a Huntsman, and what would his position traditionally have required of him in period?  Would he not have been in charge of managing hunts and providing game for the royal table?
As such, the activities of a huntsman would be much more closely aligned with those of target archers than those of combat archers.  He would need to quitely stand still for extended periods as his prey came into range, like target archers standing on the line.  He would need to be nimbly dressed rather than armored, as stealth might require him to move quickly and quietly through the trees or brush.  And, with the exception of the rare antler or bear paw, would probably not have to defend himself against an onslaught of attackers.  As a target archer, I regularly relate my arrow placement to kill zones and ask myself whether I could have reliably put food on the table if I had to shoot it myself. 
I also agree with Arthur that target archers often feel excluded.  As a matter of safety and necessity, our ranges are located far from the hub of most events' or groups' activities. Our target archery tournaments are quiet, long, and meticulous, and honestly, are often just not that thrilling for spectators. (Ask me sometime why the USOC eliminated compulsory figures from "figure" skating!)  As such, very few fighters/fencers/crowns, etc., whose activities require them being at the hub ever make it down to the archery range, and we seldom make it back to the hub during the day's activities. 

I am a target archer and don't have the time, money, or driving interest to venture into combat archery at this time.  And, since I have to work Saturdays, I don't get to attend many events that include an archery component in the first place, and thus must choose very carefully the weekends I take off.  (Please note, I'm not blaming the SCA for this at all. Sometimes it just stinks to be the boss!) 

I was initially excited to read the opening paragraph about the event in May, as I could have probably made plans to attend.  Then, as I read further I saw there was no need for me to try to work that event into my schedule.  I'd have been little threat to actually capture the Royal Huntsman title, but I'd have liked to play along.

Lady Katherine
Bryn Gwlad Archery Marshal

"I love deadlines.  I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by." -- Douglas Adams

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for years , combat archers have been trying to lose the image of combat archery as a target range activity ( ikcac ), in order to find common ground on the combat field, and to push the image that combat archery was just another heavy weapons form.
if combat archery is just another heavy weapons form, why does it take up more and more of the one event that is supposed to showcase the skills and attributes of the target archery community ?

it seems that more and more often the crowns will have two representatives from the heavy weapons community and no representatives from the archery community.( especially with the new rule that all finalists must be COMBAT archery authorized , since no target only archer may win royal huntsman from this point forward , as long as the heavy weapons format is included. )

will the combat archery representative for the crowns be the " war " representative for the heavy weapons community? as the kings champion is the " tourney " representative from the heavy weapons community ?
if so, has target archery fallen so far in status in ansteorra that we no longer deserve a place behind the thrones ?

I'm sorry if this offends anyone , but trying to add COMBAT archery , into target archery does nothing to promote either community.
and will do nothing to change the image of neither group being " manly " enough to go beat on people with sticks : (
combat archers have the opportunity to " shine " at any and every war ( except maybe Estrella ) that has combat archery and many war practices, as they are in front of both their heavy weapons peers, and the crowns.
target archers for the most part are rarely seen by the crowns except at the royal huntsman tourney.
if that is now being taken away ,where / when are the target archers supposed to shine for the crowns ??

sorry , it is my duty and my obligation to try to improve the sca , as well as the missile communities , and to advise the crowns when / if  I see something that will help or hinder either the sca , or the missile communities.
and this I see as being detrimental to both communities as well as the sca.

as always , just this old farts opinion.

Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun .
Arthur  c.a.o.

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> Greetings unto the Greatest Archers of the known world!
> TRHs will be holding a Tourney to find their Royal Huntsman and it will probably be held in May, they do not have a date or event yet.
> This tourney will have special requirements so they are being announced in advance so that everyone has an opportunity to be prepared.
> There will be both a target archery and a combat archery portion to the tourney. From these rounds the top archers will advance to the finals and will be asked by the Crown if they are ready and able to compete for the title and if they win are they ready to fulfill those duties and to serve the Crown. If they are not ready, or choose not to continue, they will be allowed to withdraw at that time and a replacement from the field will be called forward.
> *** Here are the special rules ***
> The final rounds will be Combat Archery Duels. All participants in the final rounds must be Combat Archery authorized and have photo ID, authorization card, and blue membership card (if they do not have their blue membership card they will have to sign a waiver).
> If you are not Combat Archery authorized you must be actively working on becoming one and you must contact me in advance of the event to receive a waiver for this.
> All finalists will have to pass armor inspection prior to entering the field. Those archers that are planning to compete for the title and wish to get their armor inspection done prior to the start of the tourney will be able to. All Combat Archery equipment will have to be inspected prior to the start of the tourney.
> As this is a tourney to select the Archery Champion for the Kingdom of Ansteorra, no loaner gear of any type will be provided. Each contestant will be responsible for providing their own equipment.
> As soon as a tourney date and site are selected I will post a notification to the list.
> If you have any questions please contact me directly.
> YIS,
> Vincenti da Murano
> Royal Huntsman, Kingdom of Ansteorra
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