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Mon Feb 13 13:43:46 PST 2012

With no wish to offend, I simply have this to say.
You believe in your ideals, this is laudable.
Do not exclude others who do not share your ideals.
This is not how the dream is supposed to be.  
 4. Protect the Crown both on and off the field. Our wonderful Queen is 
> a fighter and does not back down from a challenge or a fight. As such 
> she armored up and took the field in both Rapier and Chivalric, even 
> though she had never fought Chivalric previously. She got her first 
> kills on the Chivalric field at BAM. She said that was not enough so she 
> was going to also do Combat Archery, so one of my duties was to get here 
> ready, authorized, and take the field with her. Unfortunately, due to an 
> injury and surgery we have not been able to complete this task, yet. Our 
> young Princess also plans to take the field and do Combat Archery, so 
> taking the field with her and being there to help and protect the Crown 
> is important.

That is why they have a Champion in the armored martial arts, forcing others to either do this or not play is exclusionary.  Another thing to think on, if only a combat archer can win, who is to say that the next Royal Huntsman wont have the same thoughts as you?  Once is precedent, twice can easily become tradition.
Signing off of this topic, 
Karl Thorgeirsson 		 	   		  
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