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Thank you for your comments you have expressed the thoughts of many of us. It would have been more honest if the original notice had said only CA need apply and anyone else who wants to shoot come early then go home. 
You are right about usual tournaments that try to get people involved and have fun. One of the things we always try to do at Bryn Gwlad we try to have an open shooting and invite experienced as well as new shooters to enjoy an afternoon of shooting for fun. I always look and hope other events have the same option as there is only so much time I enjoy watching others in their activities. It is so rewarding to see new people try archery and become hooked on it. Sadly we do not have the space for any long shoots but we try to still make it fun.
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to respond to two posts at once.
to iago ,
 unless I am mistaken ( which is entirely possible ) what you participated in was an ikcac round , shooting at a combat target, not another person.
to Joey, 
you miss read the posted rules, the best of the best " of the best " ( sorry couldn't stop myself ) target archers will all be dropped in the finals unless they are also combat archery authorized and equipped, as the final round ( the round that determines the winner is combat archery only ).
as to being of a higher standard than " just a target archer " unfortunately many people from newbie to uber duke to bod members all feel that target archery isn't of sufficient standing for many things, but if you look , you will find that many many newbie's start their sca play by becoming active in archery , then some move to heavy, rapier, a/s etc. many people move to archery when they can no longer physically chance ( or financially afford ) a busted arm, leg, back, etc.
as to fighting for the crowns while this is of great import while at war along side the other heavy weapons styles, as well as the rapier styles, the " royal huntsman " as pointed out in another post was charged with helping feed all those soldiers both at home and on the road to war ( salted / smoked meat would still go bad on a long trip )
perhaps the answer lies in having both a royal huntsman and an archer general ?  but that would be a discussion for those of higher stature than this simple archer , but I digress.
it has been spoken of that any may drop out after the semi final round, I have done this on several occasions, not because I would see our crowns undefended, or because I stood no chance of winning, but because I could not afford the travel required ( including going to war ) and I did not feel it would be honorable to " win " knowing that at most events and the war I would have to ask someone else to " stand in " for me. 
 this was a case of personal honor, and is not to imply that anyone else may not have been honorable in their filling of the position .
but cost is also one of the obligations , as with any title / position at all levels of the sca.
but , while I do not believe that this is good for either archery community, I did not intend that anyone not go to the royal huntsman tourney wherever / whenever  it may be held.
to the contrary , please do go, it has always been the place to go see the best of the best ( as well as those who hope to someday be among them ) compete from all over the kingdom.
at the royal huntsman tourney , you will normally see the top flight archers compete in closely scored rounds, you will normally see many marshals working their buns off, and quite often see skill, courtly graces,honor, and even chivalry upon the target archery ranges. it's amazing what you can learn shooting alongside the top flight archers of ansteorra ( most of us like to teach ; )
if our tournaments are long and boring , then we have no one to blame but ourselves.
the mic, will always create tourneys from what he/ she believes people want to compete in , and what he / she believes they can get marshals to help him run.
too long have we tried to make everyone happy, with a one size fits all , archers tourney for our championship titles, too long has it been common for there to only be one tourney at each event, with maybe a royal round thrown in for good measure, we should be holding novice tourneys, championship tourneys, nobility tourneys ,title shoots,prize tourneys, you name it , at most every event, as well as have a royal round / ikac range that's open all day or at least most of the day, for scores, fun, practice.
we must make target archery something people other than archers want to come see, and hopefully even want to participate in....
sorry, just this old farts opinion again
Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun .

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I try to keep my mouth shut on this list and just read, as I am more of a participant in archery, and not one of the leaders. Sadly, I haven't been able to participate much either.  

I've only been able to participate in one Royal Huntsman tournament before, and there was a combat archery element in that one too. This is nothing new.


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That is why they have a Champion in the armored martial arts, forcing others to either do this or not play is exclusionary.  Another thing to think on, if only a combat archer can win, who is to say that the next Royal Huntsman wont have the same thoughts as you?  Once is precedent, twice can easily become tradition.
Signing off of this topic, 
Karl Thorgeirsson

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