[Ansteorra-archery] Kings Archer

Adam Edwards wilim.penbras at pandora.org
Wed Feb 15 08:04:52 PST 2012

If I recall correctly, I was the first Kings Archer to be awarded 
between battles @ Gulf War,  I'm pretty sure I wasn't the last.  I've 
also made it to the final rounds of more than a couple of Archery 
Tournaments and was even the Last Man Standing once.  (Not the Huntsman 
Tourney but... oh well)

I've been the Archery General @ Gulf War one year when Ironwyrm couldn't 
make it.  I've worn the Kings Baldric as a member of his guard, awarded 
after a particularly hairy Swiss Five Tourney.

I mention this so you'll know I say this with love.  Smarten up.  I am 
really tired of CA being treated like a red headed Step child by the 
heavy community and we've all worked way to hard to change that just to 
be treated like red headed step children by the target archery 
community.  We are all Archers.  Splitting up and adding new Champions 
is NOT a Good Thing.  Sometimes the Royal Huntsman will put Venison on 
the table and sometimes Trimarians.

Do I like a tournament whose format that makes the previous rounds 
moot?  Not particularly, that's why I've suggested a modification that 
prevents that,  Target only shooters just need to be far enough ahead 
that me getting a chance at an extra 20 points or so will still let them 

Suggesting that we put two Archers behind the thrones WILL make people 
decide which THEY value more and pretty much undo untold number of years 
of getting TA recognized as valuable.

      Lord Wilim Penbras

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