[Ansteorra-archery] While were shaking things up ...

Adam Edwards wilim.penbras at pandora.org
Wed Feb 15 09:29:27 PST 2012

Can we eliminate speed rounds?  Cause I suck at those.  I mean really... 
what we're asking for is a tournament that suits us right?

We have a tourney format currently that is going to exclude Static 
shooters and that pretty much sucks big time.  I'm not sure how me being 
able to get an extra round worth of points means you have to be that 
much better.  If we get to that final round and we're close and I can 
shoot CA and you can't, then you're darn right I should be able to have 
that advantage.  I worked for it.  I practiced every week and learned 
the same as an archer perfecting his speed round.

I've seen complaints with many different Formats...  Crossbows being 
allowed to sit, Shooting at 3d targets, Static targets @ unknown ranges 
without a chance to practice on those targets, Even if a target was 
setup for warmup people wanted to figure out which leaf they we're going 
to use to Bullseye those "unknown" distances.

The simple fact of the matter is that people will always want a format 
that suits them.  I don't want a tourney that makes previous rounds 
moot.  But if there's a round your not going to do well in or not going 
to be able to compete at all in... Yeah... do better in the rounds you 
can compete in.  And trust than any archer that can be near the top at 
the end of the competition and then load on armor and switch to blunts 
and dominate THAT field too... well then they are what we call "Champions".

I really don't see that having a War Champion and a Peace Champion helps 
any except to enshrine into law only being able to compete half the 
time...  Sitting out one round or sitting out one Tourney... I think I 
know which I'd pick.


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