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Lance huntsmanlance at cox.net
Wed Feb 15 10:31:25 PST 2012

Wilim, btw i happen to agree with you that the target archery should be more recognised on the crown level....im a target archer, i have nothing against combat archery......it is allot of fun to actually be able to shoot at other people!!! But i simply dont have the time to do both.

I would love to see a target champion for the crown.....i dont know how we would do this.....maybe all come together and approach the crown with it?

---- Adam Edwards <wilim.penbras at pandora.org> wrote: 
> Hi Guys,
>       Most of you don't know me and that's a wonderful thing.  It means 
> the communties grown nicely since I left the Kingdom.  So ... uhm....  
> BIG Stink over the RH Tourney.
>       I know a lot of people aren't CA authorized and the current format 
> for the Huntsman Tourney is placing A LOT, like Supreme Value on CA.  
> So... why don't we ask TRH if the CA round can be assigned point values 
> like any other target round would be.  You know the old 1 point for a 
> wound, 2 points for a disabling wound and 5 points for an outright 
> kill.  Well the exact point values are irrelevant just so long as 
> they're fair.
>      CA segment can be included, CA authorization required to compete in 
> that round but not having a CA authorization doesn't eliminate you it 
> just puts you at a disadvantage cause you better have enough points 
> already totaled up because you're going to be sitting out a round.  So 
> yeah... the REALLY hot target archers can still win, but those of us 
> that have spent time off the range shooting at less static targets get 
> some value placed on that investment.
>       I mean sure, Shooting with a helm and gauntlet and CA blunts is a 
> lovely nod to CA but good god, I know people that spend their weekends 
> shooting @ cans on strings from 20yds away and why should THEIR effort 
> in perfecting their shooting be reduced to a static shoots in Armor.
>      So yeah,   however many rounds of Static Shooting and a final 
> *Bonus* round of shooting at Moving, Cunning, Stealthy targets, that 
> shoot back for those people who have invested time in this other aspect 
> of shooting.
> In Service,
>       Wilim Penbras
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