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which is why it may be time to look at discussion on separating the two 
communities .
the combat archers have spent years trying to grow their community, to get 
away from the " target archery " image ,to earn the respect of the heavy 
weapons community.
yes , a lot of combat archers come from the target archery community , but 
by no means all of them do.
while they have grown greatly in number,and their level of respect among 
ansteorran heavy communities has risen greatly , they are still not often 
given the acclaim and word fame that say spearmen , or shield men are 
this seems to have led to the combat archery community falling back on the 
target archers for support , which puts them right back in the " target 
archery " image they have been fighting to avoid.
while they are on the field of war surrounded by knights, and crowns, and 
other heavy weapons fighters , they are given ample opportunities to shine 
and display their skill ( how many kingdoms have plate is proof, or face 
shot only rules ?? )
they deserve all the word fame anyone can give them, I know I couldn't hit a 
four inch square at 30 yards on a moving target with what safety allows for 
combat archery equipment . as has been stated , its a whole different skill 
set, different mind set, etc.

in ansteorra, the royal huntsman tourney has traditionally been the only 
time many crowns set foot on a range, and spend most of one whole day 
watching the target archers.
who are called on at war to do things like team up with another archer,( 
with out prior practice teaming ) and while one shoots the balloon, the 
other has to put an arrow in the picture frame to stop it from falling after 
the balloon is hit .......
or spend an entire day running the ranges, or compete with other kingdoms 
best archers .

is there a simple answer ? someone smarter than I may know, but perhaps by 
politely discussing the possibilities, we can come to some kind of agreement 
on what might work ,and then suggest it to the crowns for further thought 

Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun .

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> Hi Guys,
>      Most of you don't know me and that's a wonderful thing.  It means the 
> communties grown nicely since I left the Kingdom.  So ... uhm....  BIG 
> Stink over the RH Tourney.
>      I know a lot of people aren't CA authorized and the current format 
> for the Huntsman Tourney is placing A LOT, like Supreme Value on CA. 
> So... why don't we ask TRH if the CA round can be assigned point values 
> like any other target round would be.  You know the old 1 point for a 
> wound, 2 points for a disabling wound and 5 points for an outright kill. 
> Well the exact point values are irrelevant just so long as they're fair.
>     CA segment can be included, CA authorization required to compete in 
> that round but not having a CA authorization doesn't eliminate you it just 
> puts you at a disadvantage cause you better have enough points already 
> totaled up because you're going to be sitting out a round.  So yeah... the 
> REALLY hot target archers can still win, but those of us that have spent 
> time off the range shooting at less static targets get some value placed 
> on that investment.
>      I mean sure, Shooting with a helm and gauntlet and CA blunts is a 
> lovely nod to CA but good god, I know people that spend their weekends 
> shooting @ cans on strings from 20yds away and why should THEIR effort in 
> perfecting their shooting be reduced to a static shoots in Armor.
>     So yeah,   however many rounds of Static Shooting and a final *Bonus* 
> round of shooting at Moving, Cunning, Stealthy targets, that shoot back 
> for those people who have invested time in this other aspect of shooting.
> In Service,
>      Wilim Penbras
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