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Misunderstanding.  "time in the sun" for me isnt about winning or cool points.  Its about being able to "be what its about".  I guess I cant really explain what I mean

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You shouldn't worry about "time in the sun". It shouldn't be about the recognition. It's nice to see old friends, meet some new ones and to see how you've improved your skills over time. As long as we have a way for all of us to get together and support what we enjoy, then we can only grow.

Griffin Fane

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You should maybe read those tourney rules again.  He didnt say final round, he said final round(s).  As in everything after the drop out.  And if you cant play CA, you are replaced by someone who you may have just defeated.  So it really wouldnt matter how hard you practiced would it?  You could hit every single bullseye, shoot the eye out of a swinging mouse and shoot twenty arrows in a speed round into the gold and were the greatest archer since Robin Hood, you still WILL NOT WIN unless you can shoot combat archery in the final rounds. 
Doesnt sound the same anymore, 
What I wanted is that we dont leave the target archers who dont wish to play CA out in the cold.  I want for all to see their time in the sun. 

nuff said, 
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